Fresh Marketing Blog - best of 2013 imageBefore we look ahead to 2014, I want to take a look back at the blog posts that have generated the most interest on the Fresh Marketing Blog in 2013. And without further ado, here they are:

 1.    What IT Buyers Really Think of Your Marketing

I wasn’t surprised that this post made it to #1 this year. It highlights information presented at a Spiceworks Unplugged panel where a room full of marketers got to ask a panel of IT buyers what they like and don’t like about IT marketing. Some of the answers were surprising. You don’t want to miss this post.

 2.    How to Write B2B Email Subject Lines that Get Your Messages Opened

The best B2B customers often come from in-house mailing lists. That’s why it’s crucial to get more people on your list to open your emails. This blog post offers tips on how to do so.

 3.    How to Get Your Blog Picked Up by Google News

Have you ever wondered why the same sites appear over and over again in Google News and how you can get your blog some Google love? This post explains what Google is looking for and offers advice on what to do if your blog doesn’t meet its requirements.

 4.    5 B2B Technology Companies that Are Doing Content Marketing Right – Highlights from “Epic Content Marketing”

I had the pleasure of reviewing Joe Pulizzi’s latest book – “Epic Content Marketing”. The book contained a number of examples of B2B technology companies that are rocking their content marketing. Be sure to read the post to get some great content marketing inspiration.

 5.    The 5 Biggest B2B Case Study Mistakes

Case studies are one of the most popular B2B marketing tools. However, many B2B marketers make mistakes that diminish the value of their case studies and turn what can be a compelling story into just another sales pitch that nobody wants to read. Read the article to learn the biggest case study mistakes.

6.    How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page for B2B Lead Generation

LinkedIn is proving to be the #1 B2B social network. However, online marketing consultant Laura Wallis believes that many B2B marketers are not taking advantage of everything the site has to offer. That’s why she provided tips on how to optimize your LinkedIn company page to increase your brand awareness and generate more leads.

 7.    How to Create B2B Data Sheets that Drive Sales

Data sheets (or sell sheets) are workhorses in B2B marketing. I write lots of these and wanted to provide some tips on how to create data sheets that your customers will actually read.

What topics would you like to see me cover on the Fresh Marketing Blog in 2014? Please leave your suggestions below.