“I would like to publish a new white paper, create fun videos or start a blog that will attract customers but …”

Chances are at least one concern is holding you back from launching a new content marketing project. These concerns usually manifest themselves in the form of excuses that can hold you back from evolving with the times, meeting your customers’ needs and getting the most ROI from your marketing.

To help you eliminate these excuses (whether they are voiced by you or others in your company), I wrote a series of blog posts that explores each concern in detail.

B2B Content Marketing Excuse #1: I Won’t Be Able to Get Corporate Buy-In

If you work for a large, traditional organization, it can be hard to convince your executives to do something new – especially if they don’t see a need for it. Here are five ways to get corporate buy-in for content marketing.

B2B Content Marketing Excuse #2: I Don’t Have Anything Interesting to Share

Coming up with interesting content to share can be challenging – whether you’re just getting started in content marketing or are running out of ideas to meet an aggressive publication schedule. However, you probably have all kinds of stories and ideas buried within your company. Here are some places where you can find amazing content.

B2B Content Marketing Excuse #3: My Competitors Will Steal All of My Content

Since your company’s specialized knowledge can be your biggest competitive asset, it’s no wonder that your C-suite may not want to give it away online. What would happen if competitors copy and paste your knowledge into their marketing materials? Check out this article for ways to remain in control of your content once you publish it online.

B2B Content Marketing Excuse #4: I Don’t Have the Money

If your budget is holding you back from content marketing, I would first suggest examining all of your current marketing channels, determining what’s not working and reassigning funds to content production. For example, is that quarter-page trade magazine ad really worth the money when you can write an article for the magazine to gain three pages of exposure and much more credibility? In addition to reassigning funds from non-performing channels, you can also check out these tips for ways to lower your content marketing costs.

B2B Content Marketing Excuse #5: I Don’t Have the Time

Since it can take a long time to develop a piece of high-quality content, you can increase your ROI by repurposing it for different channels. Since most customers won’t visit your website every day, repurposing your content is not only a time saver, but also an excellent way to connect with more customers in the places where they hang out. Here are some ways to quickly and easily repurpose your blog posts and double your B2B content without doubling your workload.

What about you? Do you think I left any key concern out of this list? If so, please let me know in the comments section below, and I may write about it in an upcoming blog post.

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