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New PR Strategy Helps Multimedia Communications Company Bring More Targeted Traffic to Their Website and Secure Media Coverage

Tweep in Profile Social Media Press ReleaseDonovan Group Inc. is a multimedia communications company that provides strategic advice and project coordination for clients within the public, private and charitable sectors.

Every month, the company produces Tweep in Profile, a podcast that features interviews with members of Twitter’s marketing, multimedia and public relations communities. Host Donna Papacosta takes listeners beyond the avatar into the minds of some of today’s key players in social networking. Through these interviews, Donovan Group hopes listeners will discover how to use social media to both build their networks and grow their businesses.

The Challenge: Bring More Visitors to Donovan Group’s Website to Listen to the Tweep in Profile Podcasts

Although Donovan Group had been publishing the Tweep in Profile series for two years, they struggled to bring people to their website to listen to the podcasts.

“We wanted to attract more listeners to our monthly Tweep in Profile podcasts and raise awareness about the people we are profiling,” says Andy Donovan, President of Donovan Group Inc. “The podcasts feature interviews with people who have been successful in using social media to build their businesses, and we feel listeners will benefit from their advice.”

Donovan Group had decided to make a greater investment in promoting the Tweep in Profile podcasts. They started writing press releases for each new interview and using an online press release distribution service to gain exposure. However, they wanted to see if hiring a professional copywriter would help the press releases get even more attention.

The Solution: New PR Strategy to Raise Awareness about the Podcasts and Donovan Group

Andy had learned about Rachel Foster through Twitter and exchanged a number of tweets with her before they met in person. He had considered bringing Rachel into his creative brain trust so he could offer his clients more value-added services. He thought that working with Rachel on a press release would be a good way to try out her services before partnering with her on a project for one of his clients.

Andy also knew another of Rachel’s clients through Twitter and had received positive feedback about Rachel that cemented his decision to work with her. He asked Rachel to write a press release for his March 2011 Tweep in Profile interview. Her services included:

  • Helping to identify a target audience for the press release.
  • Creating a compelling story that would gain the attention of Donovan Group’s target audience.
  • Structuring the press release so it adhered to the latest best practices and had a greater chance of getting picked up by the media.
  • Incorporating keywords and links throughout the press release to improve its search engine rankings.
  • Providing advice on how to gain additional PR exposure for the Tweep in Profile podcasts.

“After we decided to move forward, Rachel contacted me to learn about the project details,” says Andy. “She is very professional, straightforward in what she says she needs to do her job and easy to work with. Typically, there are revisions and back and forth, but with this project, Rachel nailed it in the first go.”

The Results: Podcast Receives a Record Number of Listens and Attracts Media Attention

Within a few days of publishing the press release, the March Tweep in Profile podcast attracted more listeners than any of Donovan Group’s previous interviews.

“Based on Rachel’s work, I was able to do something I never had before – get hundreds of hits to the social media release, several tweets and a radio interview,” says Andy. “The results I’ve achieved so far in terms of the activity and interview has exceeded my expectations.”

No media outlet had previously covered the Tweep in Profile story. Thanks to the March press release, a radio station in Halifax contacted Andy for an interview.

“The overall marketing of my business has been improved,” says Andy. “Rachel’s follow-up advice on how I could promote Tweep in Profile to bloggers and industry publications was much appreciated. Those are the value-adds that a lot of consultants overlook in respect of what they can offer their clients. I’d recommend Rachel to anyone in communications and marketing who needs someone to tell their story and clearly convey their message.”

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