How to Take the ‘Boring’ Out of Your B2B Research Reports

Social media … mobile content … online video … Although these marketing channels are getting a lot of attention, another tool has surpassed them in terms of increased usage. And that tool is … research reports. According to the B2B Content Marketing: 2013 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends – North America report, research reports jumped in […]

B2B Content Marketing Excuses Be Gone!

“I would like to publish a new white paper, create fun videos or start a blog that will attract customers but …” Chances are at least one concern is holding you back from launching a new content marketing project. These concerns usually manifest themselves in the form of excuses that can hold you back from […]

5 Easy and Low-Cost Ways to Get More Bang From Your B2B Blog Posts

It’s that time of the year again … the Content Marketing Institute has released its annual B2B Content Marketing: 2013 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends – North America report. Last year, the biggest B2B content marketing challenge was producing engaging content. However, this year, 64% of respondents say they are having trouble keeping the content machine […]

Where to Find Content for Your Blog, White Papers, Webinars and Other B2B Marketing Initiatives

“I would like to publish a blog, update my company’s online resource center or try another form of content marketing, but I don’t have anything interesting to share. Nothing new and exciting is happening right now.” Have thoughts like this ever held you back from launching a new marketing initiative? If so, you’re not alone. […]

How to Create B2B Content that Converts and Shortens Sales Cycles

Highlights from my session at Content Marketing World 2012 I had the pleasure of speaking at Content Marketing World 2012 on the topic of using content to generate leads and shorten the B2B sales cycle. One of the big issues that I wanted to address in my presentation was how B2B companies, particularly technology companies, […]

The Top 10 B2B Marketing Insights from Content Marketing World

  It’s that time of the year again … marketing professionals are returning to the office from summer vacations and trading long lunches on a patio for a quick bite in front of the computer. Since it can be hard to make the transition from relaxation to a regular work schedule, I was lucky to […]

Will Your Competitors Steal All of Your Content?

A few years ago, I came across one of my articles online. Only, I no longer wanted to claim it as my own. Some mass article website had taken one of my articles – something I put a lot of time into researching, writing and proofing – put it into a blender, spit it out […]

The Biggest B2B Content Marketing Fear

Wow – it’s less than one week until Content Marketing World 2012  – the world’s largest gathering of content marketing professionals. I’m thrilled to be speaking at this event. My presentation will explore how B2B companies can use content marketing to generate leads and shorten their sales cycles. In preparation for Content Marketing World, I […]

3 Ways to Reduce Your Content Marketing Costs

Content marketing budgets have been steadily increasing. The B2B Content Marketing: 2012 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report stated that 60% of B2B marketers plan to increase their content marketing budget this year. Although these budget increases show that more marketers are seeing the value of using content to attract and engage customers, businesses are still […]

The Biggest Mistake That Technology Companies Make with Their White Papers (A Rant)

One of my current projects involves helping a client develop content for their blog. As part of their content curation strategy, I scour the web for resources that the blog’s readers – technology professionals – will find valuable. Then I write short positive reviews of these resources and post links to their landing pages. I […]

Why Today’s “Content Marketing” Will Be Tomorrow’s “Marketing”

When people ask me about content marketing, I often want to tell them that it will be tomorrow’s “marketing”. Although content marketing is a relatively new idea, it’s gaining considerable traction among savvy marketers who are realizing the benefits of creating valuable and educational content for their target audiences. I believe that in the future […]

How to Prioritize Your B2B Lead Generation and Content Marketing Efforts

  Whether you’re starting out with content marketing, changing your marketing strategy to focus more on your customers or planning your next lead generation campaigns, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. You’ll probably have a mile-long list of projects that you would like to tackle, such as new white papers, launching a blog or […]

How to Create Google-Friendly Content that Increases Your Conversions

By Rachel Foster   If you’re using SEO as a marketing strategy, you’ve probably heard about Google’s recent algorithm changes. The updates are designed to penalize websites that are engaged in shady content practices, such as keyword stuffing and publishing bad content just to get traffic. I recently received an email from Outbrain stating that […]

3 Keys to Increasing Your Content Conversions

By Rachel Foster Do you know how well your content is working for you? Although a growing number of marketers are turning to content marketing to increase their conversions, many have a hard time determining how well their efforts are paying off. I recently interviewed Scott Armstrong, general manager of Brainrider, a Toronto B2B content […]

The Biggest B2B Content Marketing Mistakes [Video]

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of speaking at the Toronto B2B Marketing Meetup. This regular networking event is sponsored by BrainRider and includes short presentations on all aspects of B2B marketing. If you’re in Toronto, I encourage you to attend the next meetup. Here is a video of my presentation – The Biggest B2B Content Marketing Mistakes …

3 Keys to More Compelling Case Studies

This post was originally published by the Content Marketing Institute. According to the Content Marketing Institute’s B2B Content Marketing 2012 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends Report, 70 percent of B2B marketers find case studies to be an effective content marketing tool. That’s because they can increase customer confidence in your organization, educate prospects on how to […]

Is Your Content Marketing Too Safe?

Asking tough questions and challenging your customers can strengthen your content marketing. The B2B sales cycle is long – with customers reviewing multiple service providers before they make a purchasing decision. If your content is too general or “safe”, you won’t stand apart from your competition or show potential customers that you really understand their issues.

By challenging your customers – or providing them with content that forces them to think deeply about their problems and how to solve them – you will make your messages stick. Your content will resonate more with your target audience, which can lead to increased sales and improved ROI. Here are three ways that you can challenge and inspire your customers …

3 Keys to Corporate Blogging Success

Outbrain recently published The State of Content Marketing 2012. The report revealed that 82% of brand and agency marketers plan to increase their content marketing efforts this year, namely to increase brand awareness and target early-stage leads. The report also revealed that social media is the most popular way to drive traffic to content, with 96% of respondents currently utilizing social media.

Since a blog can be the center of your social media strategy, I’d like to suggest some ways that you can use a blog to increase your brand awareness and drive more people to your content …