The 5 Most Cringe-Worthy Technology Marketing Buzzwords

Certain technology marketing buzzwords have become so widely used, that you may not question how awkward they sound. In fact, I’m also guilty of using some of them. Here’s my list of the five most cringe-worthy technology marketing words and phrases …

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Headlines

Is the headline on your home page “Welcome to My Site”? If so, you are missing a vital opportunity to gain your readers’ attention. This Fresh Marketing Blog post will show you five simple techniques that will improve your headlines …

How Others View Copywriters

I had to get  in on the “How Others View My Profession/Hobby” meme. Do you think there’s some truth in this?  

3 Things to Look for in a Freelance Copywriter

Outsourcing your writing to a freelance copywriter can be a challenging task. The wrong writer can cause project delays, increase your workload and even cost you more in the long run. However, the right writer can make your life easier and improve your marketing ROI. Many marketing professionals work with several copywriters before they find the best fit. You can make your search easier by looking for the following 3 qualities in a freelance copywriter …

How to Increase the Conversion Rates on Your B2B Product Pages

According to MarketingSherpaʼs 2011 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report, generating high-quality leads is still the #1 challenge faced by B2B marketers. If you work for a B2B organization, much of your marketing probably aims to drive high-quality leads to landing pages for your products or services. However, once leads arrive at these pages, how many of […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Landing Pages for Better Conversions

As a B2B marketer, you put a lot of effort into getting your target audience to visit your website and opt in for your white papers, videos and reports. However, if your landing pages don’t entice people to request your content, a lot of your hard work will be lost. That’s why I wanted to provide advice on how to improve your landing pages …

How to Select a White Paper Topic that Drives Leads

White papers can be a key element in your lead generation mix, especially if you sell technology products or services. According to the Eccolo 2010 B2B Technology Collateral Survey Report, 83% of technology buyers said “white papers were moderately to extremely influential in helping them make their final purchase decision.” However, many white papers miss the mark when it comes to engaging an audience and driving leads. One reason could be because readers don’t relate to the topic …

What Count Basie Can Teach You About Writing B2B Marketing Copy

One of my favourite musicians is Count Basie. He was known for his minimalist approach to playing the piano and leaving lots of space between his notes. His music was exciting not just because of what he played, but what he didn’t play. I was listening to Count Basie the other day and began to think about how his minimalist approach could be applied to writing marketing copy. Here are my thoughts …

The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Jargon in Your B2B Marketing Copy

Communicating with jargon is understandable. Since you are immersed in your field on a daily basis, it may only seem natural that others should speak your language.

However, using jargon in your communications can confuse your readers and make them feel alienated. If your message gets lost under layers of complex technical talk, your prospects will look elsewhere for answers to their problems.

Here are 5 tips to help you understand when to use jargon and when to avoid it:

3 Ways to Spice Up Your B2B Marketing Copy

Is your corporate brochure a complete bore?

Do you cringe when you send prospects outdated material because you know the message just isn’t right? Perhaps you, like many marketers, have fallen into a comfort zone with your marketing or you don’t have the time or resources to develop new materials.

Here’s the good news …

5 Ways to Increase the Attendance at Your Events

The quality of your promotional copy can have a huge effect on the success of your live and online events. Over the past few months, I have reviewed numerous email invitations and landing pages and found common problems that could hurt your attendance.

I would like to share some tips, based on my review of these problems, on how to create strong promotional copy for your events.

The Sterling Cooper Guide to Overcoming Copywriter’s Block

I’m hooked on Mad Men. If you haven’t seen the television show, it’s about people who work in an advertising agency on Madison Avenue in the early 1960s. Don Draper, the head of the creative department, saves many client relationships by coming up with brilliant concepts at the last minute when his clients are about to walk. However, you don’t need to wait until you’re almost screwed to create great copy. Simply read on to learn the top 5 ways that Don, Peggy and the crew overcome writer’s block.