[Data] Content Upgrades Skyrocket

Email marketing generates a $38 return for every $1 invested and drives more conversions than any other channel, including search and social media. With these results, it’s not surprising that list building is a priority for B2B marketers.

One of my top ways to build my list is with content upgrades. Content upgrades are resources that leads opt in for after they read your blog posts. These resources aren’t general, such as the ebook that you’re promoting across your website. Instead, content upgrades relate directly to your blog post’s topic.

So, what types of content upgrades have the highest conversion rates and turn your blog posts into powerful lead magnets?

The folks over at MoneyJournal have put together a terrific blog post that dives into the best practices of creating high-performance content upgrades. They’ve even included a behind-the-scenes look at their analytics and the data that breaks down these conversion-boosting principles.

Check out the article here: Content Upgrades: The Secrets Behind 10X-ing Your Conversion Rate and see how you can apply these techniques to grow your list.