2012 year in reviewHappy holidays!

With 2012 coming to a close, I wanted to take a moment to share some of the amazing things that have happened this year – both in my business and personally.

The biggest news in my business is that I incorporated Fresh Perspective Copywriting on November 30. After almost four years growing as a sole proprietorship, I felt it was time to take the next step. Incorporation will allow me to work with more clients and provide new services.

My 2012 marketing goal was to blog on a more regular basis. I ended up publishing 40 posts to my blog this year, which cover topics such as B2B marketing, lead generation and content marketing. Click here to see a list of “The Top 10 Fresh Marketing Blog Posts of 2012”. My 2013 goal is to develop a presence on SlideShare.

I’ve also enjoyed helping The Content Marketing Institute spread the word about the many benefits of content marketing – as a blogger, a contributor to Chief Content Officer Magazine and a speaker at Content Marketing World 2012. Click here to see my feature article for Chief Content Officer, “Reimagining the Tried-and-True White Paper”.

You can also check out my talk on The Biggest B2B Content Marketing Mistakes, which took place at BrainRider’s Toronto B2B Marketing Meetup in April. If you’re in B2B in Toronto, I highly recommend attending one of these events to meet great people and learn something new.

On a personal note, I took a “staycation” in July to take sailing lessons at Harbourfront. It was an intensive week with lots of time on the water and trips to the Toronto Islands. I hope to start racing next summer.

“You will not get any work done today. Not on my watch!”

The end of the year got a little hectic as my husband and I moved and adopted a cat. A friend had posted the cat’s photo on Facebook, and we decided we had to adopt it (which also proves that Facebook advertising works).  His foster mom had named him Dodge Ram, because he likes to head butt people. At first, we didn’t like the name, but it seems to fit him, so we kept it. Here’s a photo of Dodge telling me that it’s time for a break.

My husband and I also spent a lot of time swing dancing this year. We take Lindy Hop lessons with Bees’ Knees Dance in Toronto. I even choreographed a routine that we performed in the Bees’ Knees spring show. You can click here to check it out (I’m in the middle dancing with my husband). For this spring’s show, I’ll be recreating a dance number from a 1940s soundie.In addition to dancing, I’ve been DJing at dance events, which has given me a whole new appreciation for the dance. It’s also given me some ideas about marketing. Check out my article “3 Things a DJ Can Teach You About Content Marketing”.

And finally, I’d like to thank all of my clients who have made 2012 my best year in business yet. Since I have confidentiality agreements with some clients, I’m not going to list everyone’s names here. However, I’d like to say that I’ve been a part of some amazing teams and have thoroughly enjoyed every project. Although your name may not be printed here, you are very much appreciated.

Have a joyous holiday season!



P.S. If you’ve made it this far in my 2012 missive, you deserve something! I’m running a “13 for 2013” promo that will help you get a head start on reaching your new year’s marketing goals. If you book a copywriting project before January 4, you will receive a 13% discount. Click here to contact me about your project. Be sure to mention promo code 13.     

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