How Not to Get Your B2B Content Blocked by Your Ideal Customers

How not to get your B2B content blocked

Celebrity gossip … game requests … Rob Ford news …

We all have posts that we wish we could block on Facebook. When I complained that I was sick of seeing endless “news” about the Kardashians, a friend recommended that I install F.B. Purity. It’s a browser extension that lets you block game requests, ads and even sponsored stories. It also lets you block posts containing specific keywords. So, if one of your friends likes to rant about a certain issue, you don’t need to block your friend to hide her rants.

I’ve just installed the extension, and it seems to be working. CNET also gave it a five-star review.

The fact that tools such as F.B. Purity are available show that people are going to great lengths to block irrelevant content. Over time, this will drive down the value of sponsoring content on social networks.

So, as a B2B marketer, how do you get your message in front of your target audience?

1. Make sure your content is relevant.

In the latest TechTarget Media Consumption Research Brief, B2B technology buyers stated that, “media is only effective if the information that it features is relevant to their research and is helpful for them during the process.” If your content isn’t relevant, your audience will tune you out.

2. Make sure the channel is relevant.

Once you have relevant topics, you’ll want to share it on the right channels. Many B2B marketers jump into social networks without asking if their audience wants to engage with them there. Sure, everyone is on Facebook, but do your customers want to research their business problems while they’re looking at baby pictures and cat videos?

3. Make sure your timing is relevant.

Aligning your content to where buyers are in your sales cycle will also improve your marketing results. According to a DemandGen Report, 61% of respondents choose vendors who deliver content that’s appropriate for each stage of the purchasing process. Check out this article for a list of what B2B buyers look for during each stage of the sales cycle, along with the types of content that would appeal to them.

And finally … stop selling, start helping. When you create content, your focus should be on helping customers … not selling your products. Customers can smell a sales pitch a mile away. The harder you try to sell, the more they will block you.

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