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One of the keys to successful B2B technology marketing is customizing your content for all of your audiences. While many technology companies now create content for early-, mid- and late-stage leads, many are still missing opportunities to engage all of their buyers and purchase influencers.

According to a study by TechTarget, “corporate IT buying is a team decision-making process with 95% of IT buying teams having more than 2 members. The majority work in teams of 2–7 with a significant number of teams having 10 or more members.”

This means that you should create content for all of these team members. The slide presentation above outlines the types of people who influence your customers’ buying decisions. It also offers tips on the types of content you should provide to meet their needs and move them further along the sales cycle.

Did I miss any IT purchase influencers in this list? Please let me know, and I’ll try to add them to the presentation.