How to get more people to download your softwareIf your organization sells software, you probably rely on demos and trials to attract leads and fill your sales funnel. However, since most software vendors now offer free trials, giving something away for free is no longer enough to convert leads. You’ll need to make your offers more engaging and relevant to your customers’ needs.

Below are three ways you can increase the opt-ins for your demos and free software trials:

1. Show the Benefits

A “download now” button may not be enough to motivate potential customers to test drive your software. Your landing pages need to explain why someone should opt in. For example, what business benefits will they receive after using your software? How will your product make their lives easier? If you sell the same product to different audiences, you also may need to create separate landing pages that highlight the unique benefits each audience will receive.

2. Don’t Make it Complicated

Many software companies bury their opt-in links deep within their websites. This makes it hard for potential customers to take the next step in the sales cycle. If increasing your demo and free trial opt-ins is a key goal, your opt-in button should be located above the fold on all of your key web pages. You’ll also want to keep your registration form short. The longer your form, the fewer people will opt in.

3. Include a Video

According to the 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 77% of marketers plan to increase their use of video marketing. A video can give potential customers a good overview of your product and how it will benefit them. You may need different videos for leads in different stages of the buying cycle. For example, the video on your home page or main landing page should give prospects a 1-2 minute “commercial-style” overview of your software. As leads move through your sales cycle, they may be interested in videos that explain your software’s features in greater detail.

Keep in mind that not everyone who visits your website is ready to commit to a trial or demo. However, your website’s content should also serve these early-stage leads, as they may eventually become your customers. You can do this by offering resources that are geared toward their needs, such as helpful blog posts, white papers and videos. These offers can make great secondary calls to action – as they will generate more leads without distracting from your main goal of driving opt-ins for your demos and free trials.

What about you? What challenges do you face when trying to increase the opt-ins for your demos and free trials? Feel free to share your thoughts below.