I’d like to share a content marketing tool that can bring more people to your blog and help you get the most traction from your posts. It’s a free WordPress plugin called Tweet Old Post. The plugin does exactly what it says – automatically tweets older posts from your blog.

Here’s a quick demo that explains how to use Tweet Old Post.


[jwplayer config=”Custom Player” mediaid=”3355″]


Many marketers feel that automating tweets is impersonal and defeats the purpose of building relationships on social media. This can be a problem if you only autotweet and stop interacting with your community. However, I look at it this way … you want to send out these tweets anyway, so automating the process will simply save you a lot of time.

If you do decide to autotweet, you must remember to:

  • Turn off the Tweet Old Posts plugin if you won’t be around to respond to people who comment on your tweets or retweet you (such as on weekends or if your social media person is on vacation).
  • Log into Twitter every day to respond to people and engage in conversations.

What about you? Would you use a service such as Tweet Old Post? Please share your comments below.