Should you remove the comments feature from your B2B blog?
My name is Rachel and I just removed the comments feature from my blog.

When I made the decision, I wasn’t thinking about blocking opinions that differ from my own or dealing with trolls. I simply wasn’t getting enough comments to make keeping the feature worthwhile. The empty comment boxes made my blog look sad. 

I thought about putting more effort into getting people to leave comments but decided that this wouldn’t have a big impact on my business goals, and there were other things I should focus on instead.

Before I cut the feature, I examined a number of B2B blogs with good content. Many of them also lacked comments. Does this mean they are failing as blogs and the companies that own them are missing their targets? I can’t say for sure but I think comments are only one part of a healthy blog.

In addition to comments, you should also look at: 

If you are doing well in these areas, comments may not matter that much. You might be in a B2B niche where people want to gather information to support a buying decision and don’t have time to leave comments.

Here are a few more things to consider when you’re deciding whether you should try to get more comments or pull the plug on them.

You Might Want to Focus on Getting More Comments If …  

You Might Want to Remove the Comments Feature from Your B2B Blog If … 

If you don’t want to allow comments but still want readers to engage in conversations, you can include your social streams at the bottom of your blog posts. That way, readers can see what people are saying about your posts and join discussions on your social networks.

Ultimately, your decision to allow comments or not depends on your business goals and how you want your blog to help you reach them.

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