3 Powerful Apps That Will Help You Write B2B Copy That Converts

A few small changes to your copy can lead to big increases in your conversions. As a B2B copywriter, I’m always looking for ways to improve my writing and help my clients get better results. I recently found a few apps that make this process easier. Without further ado, here they are: 1. We We Monitor […]

How to Tell a Consistent Story Across All of Your B2B Marketing Channels

Multimedia is big in B2B. According to the 2014 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends – North America report, B2B marketers are using a variety of media types. The top 10 B2B content marketing tactics include online presentations, white papers, videos, case studies, social media, blog posts and more. If you are experimenting with […]

How to Find the Time for Content Marketing

Ask any B2B marketer what their biggest content marketing challenge is, and they will likely say, “finding the time to get it done”. In fact, the 2014 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends – North America report stated that 69% of B2B marketers cited “lack of time” as their biggest content marketing challenge. However, […]

Should You Remove the Comments Feature From Your B2B Blog?

My name is Rachel and I just removed the comments feature from my blog. When I made the decision, I wasn’t thinking about blocking opinions that differ from my own or dealing with trolls. I simply wasn’t getting enough comments to make keeping the feature worthwhile. The empty comment boxes made my blog look sad.  […]

How Original Research Can Help Your B2B Technology Company Stand Out

When I write blog posts for myself or for my clients, I look for compelling statistics to back up what I’m saying. However, it is often hard to find new sources that have published research on my topics, so I end up citing the same sources over and over again. This means that there’s an […]

How to Build a B2B Blog that Attracts Leads and Increases Your Conversions

According to InsideView, B2B marketers who blog generate 67% more leads than those who don’t blog. However, many B2B marketers struggle to engage their target audience and increase their conversions through their blogs. Check out the webcast below, where I discuss how to build a B2B blog that attracts high-quality leads and motivates them to […]

5 Reports That All B2B Technology Marketers Must Read

It seems as though I get a new report in my inbox every day. Many of them aren’t relevant, but every once in a while, someone sends me intriguing statistics that I just have to share. Without further ado, here are five reports that can give you valuable insights into B2B technology buyers and where […]

5 Ways to Get Your Internal Team to Write for Your B2B Blog

Growing your B2B blog is a group effort. However, it can be challenging to get your internal subject matter experts to share their knowledge on your company’s blog. After all, blogging is likely not part of their job description, and they may not place writing posts high on their list of priorities. If you want […]

3 Big Reasons Why You Should Add Content Curation to Your B2B Marketing Mix

One of my first jobs after university was working for a nonprofit arts organization. The organization had a small gallery where local artists displayed their work. The artists would create shows around specific themes and only hang pieces that related to each other and made sense in the context of the show. Then, people who […]

Join the 2014 Content Sharing and Curation Challenge!

I recently wrote an article for the Content Marketing Institute’s blog on the benefits of curating content along with creating original content. The article also provides tips on how to curate content if you want to attract more B2B leads. Although directing your audience to others’ content may seem like counterintuitive marketing advice, it can […]

2014 B2B Content Marketing Predictions

It’s that time of year again. Time to look forward to a new year and work on reaching your 2014 marketing goals. I was recently asked for my thoughts on what B2B marketing would look like in 2014. I don’t have a crystal ball, but here are three trends that I havebeen observing and think […]

The Best of the Fresh Marketing Blog in 2013

Before we look ahead to 2014, I want to take a look back at the blog posts that have generated the most interest on the Fresh Marketing Blog in 2013. And without further ado, here they are:  1.    What IT Buyers Really Think of Your Marketing I wasn’t surprised that this post made it to […]

How to Create B2B Content That Engages CIOs, End Users and Other IT Buyers

[slideshare id=27984388&doc=howtocreateb2bcontentthatengagesitbuyers-131106193723-phpapp01] One of the keys to successful B2B technology marketing is customizing your content for all of your audiences. While many technology companies now create content for early-, mid- and late-stage leads, many are still missing opportunities to engage all of their buyers and purchase influencers. According to a study by TechTarget, “corporate IT […]

7 Ways to Tell if Your B2B Technology Content Is Trying Too Hard

I recently attended a movie, and the theatre showed a commercial for a new smartphone. The ad featured the phone’s developers (or at least actors playing developers) talking about one of the phone’s new features. I can’t recall what the feature was, but my friend commented that it was something only a developer would care […]

5 B2B Technology Companies that Are Doing Content Marketing Right – Highlights from “Epic Content Marketing”

Epic fails … epic cat videos … epic grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches … Today, everything is ‘epic’. However, Joe Pulizzi’s new book, “Epic Content Marketing: How to Tell a Different Story, Break Through the Clutter, and Win More Customers by Marketing Less”, is deserving of its title. First, the book’s scope actually is epic, […]

5 Keys for Creating a Call to Action that Boosts B2B Conversions

The strength of your calls to action directly impacts your conversions. However, many B2B marketers treat the call to action like an afterthought. They may devote hours – or even days – to developing a piece of content only to spend just a few minutes writing its call to action. One of the biggest mistakes […]

How to Promote Your White Papers

If you’ve been following along with my No More Boring White Papers! e-course, then you know how much time and thought goes into developing a compelling white paper. That’s why you want to make sure you get your white paper in front of as many qualified leads as possible. Unfortunately, waiting for customers to stumble […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Creating Compelling White Paper Titles

A compelling title sells your white paper to prospective readers. That’s why you want to play around with a lot of different options until you find one that’s right. Here are some dos and don’ts of creating white paper titles: Don’t Be Generic Before: Technical White Paper: Cloud Security This title gives you a general […]

How to Write a White Paper

If you’ve been following along with my No More Boring White Papers! e-course, then you should be well on your way to completing your white paper. You’ve probably developed a creative brief, interviewed subject matter experts, found compelling research to support your argument and drafted an outline of your white paper. Now, it’s time to […]

Why You Must Create an Outline of Your B2B White Paper, Report or Ebook

Here’s a scenario you may come across when you develop a white paper or other substantial piece of B2B content for your company … You get your team to complete a creative brief, conduct interviews with subject matter experts, find compelling research to support your argument and you think you have a decent draft. However, […]