21 Ways to Find Out What B2B Buyers Want

21 Ways to Find Out What B2B Buyers Want

One of the biggest B2B marketing challenges is creating content that motivates buyers to respond. But how do you know what will get them to say, “yes”? Here are 21 ways to get to know your customers, so you can create content that engages them and brings you results.

What IT Buyers Really Think About Your Marketing

What if you could be a fly on the wall and watch as an IT buyer checked out your marketing? Would you like how they react? I attended Spiceworks Unplugged in Toronto, where a room of IT marketers heard the truth from a panel of straight-talking IT professionals. The IT pros represented a variety of […]

3 Ways to Make Your Technology Marketing More Human [Insights from SpiceWorld 2014]

IT professionals love robots. They can chat for hours about R2-D2, Data and K-9. However, they don’t feel the same about robotic marketing. I attended SpiceWorld 2014 and had the opportunity to sit down with Jennifer Slaski, executive director of marketing communications at Spiceworks. She offered advice on how technology marketers can make their content […]

Why IT Buyers Aren’t Responding to Your Content [Insights from SpiceWorld]

According to a new report from Spiceworks, technology marketers are missing the mark when it comes to engaging IT buyers.   The How to Win Friends and Influence IT Pros report states that IT pros want to have honest conversations with their peers and brand reps when they make buying decisions. However, technology marketers place […]

How to Create B2B Content That Engages CIOs, End Users and Other IT Buyers

How to Create B2B Content that Engages IT Buyers image

[slideshare id=27984388&doc=howtocreateb2bcontentthatengagesitbuyers-131106193723-phpapp01] One of the keys to successful B2B technology marketing is customizing your content for all of your audiences. While many technology companies now create content for early-, mid- and late-stage leads, many are still missing opportunities to engage all of their buyers and purchase influencers. According to a study by TechTarget, “corporate IT […]