How to Bring New Life to Your B2B White Papers

There’s a debate happening about the value of white papers. In an effort to produce more content, many businesses are pushing out poorly-written white papers that do little to engage their target audiences. This is flooding people’s inboxes with boring content and causing marketers to question the format’s ROI. However, there are new ways to reimagine the classic white paper to excite and influence your audience …

5 Ways Content Marketing Can Benefit You

Content marketing is one of the hottest B2B marketing developments. According to Compendium, content marketing will be to 2011 what social media was to 2010. That’s because marketers are discovering how important it is to use compelling content to educate and entertain their target audience. Read on to discover 5 benefits you can achieve when you implement a content marketing strategy.

Recommended Reading: Jaime Almond’s Social Media Blog

Today, I’d like to recommend one of my favourite new blogs – Jaime Almond’s social media blog. Whenever I have a social media dilemma – like Facebook featuring photos of my husband in ads without his knowledge – Jaime has a solution on her blog. One of my favourite posts on Jaime’s blog is “The […]