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Consultant Uses Sales Pages to Land 200 New Clients in 6 Months

Jaime Almond - Toronto Social Media ConsultantToronto Social Media Consultant Jaime Almond works with experts who want to be big but are stuck generating one client at a time. She helps them create a ton of online visibility and become recognized leaders in their industries.

Jaime launched her consulting business in early 2009 and developed a series of live workshops to teach small-business owners how to market themselves using popular social media tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

The Challenge: Generate Interest in a New Offer While Reducing Time Spent on Marketing and Customer Service

Since Jaime had just launched her business, she didn’t have many clients yet. She developed the workshops as her first core offering and used them to generate enough revenue to sustain her business.

“I needed sales letters that would sell directly through the web and wouldn’t require me to spend extra time convincing people to register for my workshops,” says Jaime Almond, Social Media Consultant. “I’d done a trial workshop early on and found it took me 30 minutes or more to convince someone to register over the phone, which could add over 10 hours of unnecessary administration to fill a 20-person workshop. I wanted the sales pages to reduce my administrative time and increase my conversion rate.”

Although Jaime is a talented marketer, she realized that writing the copy on her own would take up too much of her time – time she would rather spend developing lesson plans for her workshops and building her business in other areas.

The Solution: Sales Pages to Attract Targeted Customers

Landing Page Copywriting Screen ShotJaime had met Rachel Foster through mutual friends and appreciated her attention to detail, her work ethic and the calibre of her writing samples. She was also impressed with the marketing strategies Rachel used to promote her own copywriting business.

Jaime asked Rachel to write a sales page for her Twitter workshop and later modify it for her Facebook and LinkedIn workshops. Rachel’s services included:

  • Devising names for 2 of the workshops, Leveraging LinkedIn for Business and Facebook Business Breakthroughs. Many of Jaime’s workshop attendees commented that the titles caught their attention.
  • Addressing the concerns and needs of Jaime’s audience.
  • Showing attendees the benefits they would receive if they attended a workshop.
  • Helping Jaime develop incentives for people to register early.
  • Making sure the copy contained targeted keywords so attendees could find the workshops through online search. Approximately 15% of Jaime’s attendees register after finding her on Google.
  • Once Jaime ran successful workshops, Rachel interviewed her clients and wrote testimonials to include on the landing pages.

Since Jaime faced tight deadlines to start promoting the workshops, the changes were implemented within a few days.

“The process of working with Rachel is easy,” says Jaime. “I send her a draft, and she transforms it into something amazing. I can put her copy on my website and know it’s of the best quality. When I get her copy back, I feel like it’s Christmas morning.”

The Results: Clients from “Sell-out” Workshops Form Foundation for New Business

The sales letters provided Jaime with the basis to sell out her first 5 workshops. Within 6 months, over 200 new customers registered through her sales pages (Jaime gives her attendees lots of personal attention, so she sells only 10-20 seats per workshop).

The sales pages helped Jaime achieve her goal of reducing her administrative time for each workshop.

“Rachel’s sales pages answer all my customers’ questions,” says Jaime. “Rarely do I have to speak with someone who has questions or needs help deciding to buy. They just buy.”

In addition, the targeted clients who attend Jaime’s workshops provide her with other opportunities. These new customers refer additional business to Jaime and upgrade to customized social media consulting packages, which is key to her rapid business growth.

“When you’re starting a new venture, the ability to consistently sell out what you’re offering is huge,” says Jaime. “Every component of Rachel’s copy is meant to create sales while adhering to marketing best practices. This is why it performs so well.”

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