The days of tricking search engines are over.

If you have been using tactics that try to manipulate Google, you probably have noticed a significant dip in traffic.

Barry Feldman and Andy Crestodina have collaborated to create this 21 point SEO Blog Post checklist that can help you create blog content that satisfies both readers and Google.

The checklist is a fantastic resource for you to check out. However, I would add five important items to it:

  1. Write longer content. The first page of Google is dominated by articles that average 1890 words.
  2. Optimize your images with keywords. Google has a search just for images that can bring traffic to your site.
  3. Add a good summary and a link back to your post in the description of any of your YouTube videos that you embed in your posts. YouTube videos rank very well in search.
  4. Make sure that you have easy ways to share your post on social media that also show your share counts. This helps with credibility and increases social shares. Social Warfare is a great tool because it also includes Twitter counts.
  5. Create internal links to other content on your site when relevant and interesting. This will cause people to stay longer on your site – boosting your engagement.