When people ask me about content marketing, I often want to tell them that it will be tomorrow’s “marketing”. Although content marketing is a relatively new idea, it’s gaining considerable traction among savvy marketers who are realizing the benefits of creating valuable and educational content for their target audiences.

I believe that in the future content marketing will need no explanation, as it will simply be a normal part of a B2B marketing strategy. Here are some factors that are driving this change:

Instead of advertising, HubSpot recommends publishing content. HubSpot has data showing that if you’re publishing, you can attract a lot of people into your site and into your business as leads or sales at low cost.” In addition to bringing more people to your website, content marketing can also position you as a trusted resource who can help your customers solve their biggest challenges. This trumps advertising any day.

In the future, content marketing may evolve into something else or go by a different name. However, the core of content marketing – creating valuable content that helps customers solve their biggest concerns – is here to stay.

What about you? Do you believe that content marketing is the marketing of the future? Feel free to leave your thoughts below.

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