Turn B2B Prospects into Customers with Compelling Case Studies

Our case study writing services help you build your arsenal of customer success stories, so you can influence more prospects, shorten your sales cycles, and boost revenue.

The Ultimate List of Case Study Customer Interview Questions

Get 15 tried-and-tested questions that we use to write case studies that engage B2B tech buyers.

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    Your Customers Don't Believe You

    B2B buyers have changed.

    They no longer rely on brochures and calls with sales reps to learn about products. Instead, they turn to their peers for recommendations.  

    That’s why case studies are one of the most powerful B2B sales and marketing tools. They give prospects the social proof they need to feel confident saying “Yes!” to your product.

    Case studies are particularly important later in your sales funnel, as buyers look for content that differentiates you from your competitors. 

    B2B marketers agree …  

    Why White Papers Are Important

    According to the Content Marketing Institute,

    Producing case studies should be a top marketing priority as no one can “talk you up” better than your happy customers. And you likely have customers who are willing to share their stories with the world.  

    But if you’re like most B2B marketers, you don’t have the internal resources to interview your customers and write powerful stories. It’s impossible to get things done when meetings, phone calls, and projects constantly interrupt you.

    Build Trust and Drive Revenue with Compelling Customer Success Stories

    At Fresh Perspective Copywriting, we specialize in writing case studies for B2B tech companies. In fact, we’ve helped brands such as Influitive, Localist, and Vena Solutions engage leads with compelling case studies. 

    We’re so well known in this area that we’ve taught case study writing for MarketingProfs.

    What Makes a Good White Paper?

    Our Case Study Writing Services Will Help You Turn Your Stories Into Sales.​

    The more powerful case studies you have, the more you can:  

    “Rachel wrote case studies and other content that helped us recognize our customers and show them as thought leaders. The content also positioned us as thought leaders in a new marketing category that we were trying to establish.

    Rachel asks the right questions and is very thorough in terms of getting the information that she needs to do her job. I appreciate how professional she is and her streamlined process. She adapted to our voice very quickly, and the quality of her writing is fantastic. Overall, she made my job a lot easier.”
    Cassandra Jowett
    Former Senior Content Marketing Manager, Influitive

    What You get

    A Powerful Case Study That Gives Leads the Final Proof They Need Before They Say “Yes!”

    When we write your case studies, we’ll take care of all of the heavy lifting so that you don’t get bogged down with mundane marketing tasks. Here’s what we’ll take off your plate: 

    • Developing a creative brief
      Developing a creative brief

      that helps you get clear on your how your new case study/studies will help you achieve your marketing and business goals.

    • Interviewing your customers
      Interviewing your customers

      about the challenges they faced, why they partnered with you, and the amazing results that they achieved.

    • Recording and transcribing your customer interviews
      Recording and transcribing your customer interviews

      so that you can refer to them for future content.

    • Case study writing
      Case study writing

      You’ll get a four- to five-page case study with amazing customer testimonials that delight you (and your leads)!

    1 case study

    $2,000 USD

    3 case studies

    $5,400 USD (save 10%)

    5 case studies

    $8,000 USD (save 20%)

    *Want design along with your copy? Contact us for pricing.

    “Rachel Foster is a talented copywriter, marketer, and educator who I worked with for several years at Content Marketing Institute. She has strong writing chops, specializes in the tech and software industry, and really knows her stuff when it comes to engaging audiences and converting them into customers.”
    Jodi Harris
    Principal, Jodi Harris Content Consulting

    Are You Ready to Tell Your Amazing Stories and Influence More Buyers?

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