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B2B Tech Buyers Are Changing with the Times. Is Your Website Copy Still Stuck in the Past?

Ready to meet your buyers where they are now and attract more high-quality leads?

Your Website Copy Is Your Sales Rep

To engage prospects and turn them into customers, your copy must do the heavy lifting.

If you would like to shorten your sales cycle and generate more leads, you need powerful website copy that:

But how can you achieve these results?

Copywriting has to do the heavy lfiting

Persuasive Website Copy That Gets B2B Tech Buyers to Take Action

At Fresh Perspective Copywriting, writing for B2B tech buyers is all that we do. In fact, we’ve written website copy that has helped brands such as Ensono, LifeSpeak, and 3Quotes engage tech buyers.

Our website copywriting services will help you:

“I greatly value Rachel’s reliability, flexibility and knowledge of her craft. She remains calm under deadline and is not afraid to ask my clients the tough questions in order to deliver a first-rate finished product. I highly recommend Rachel to anyone with a complicated story to tell; she writes equally well for a variety of audiences and I have no doubt in her ability to quickly learn new subject matter to tackle any challenge put before her.”
Sway Factory Inc.
Rachel understands our tone and is able to speak to our B2B tech audience, which is very important to us. I can also tell that she puts a lot of thought and research into her writing, as her work requires little to no editing on our part. This saves us a lot of time and allows us to publish content quickly. Ultimately, Rachel cares about helping me do my job better and more easily.
Angela Cope
Former Marketing Production Lead at Softchoice

Fresh Copy: Our 3-Step Process for Crafting High-Performance Website Copy That Converts



As a tech marketer, you understand the value of data.

We’re with you.

Results-driven marketing isn’t about throwing words at customers and hoping that some of them resonate. Here are the steps we take to ensure that customers will engage with your copy (and sail through your funnel):


Complete a creative brief that outlines how the website copy will align with your goals, messaging, and target audience.


Review your background materials, such as existing content, research, and voice-of-customer data.


Research how your competitors are positioning similar services.


Interview your subject matter experts to gather information that lends credibility and authority to your website copy.


Interview your customers and prospects to find out why they chose (or didn’t choose) your solutions.


Record and transcribe all interviews so you can use them for future content.


Copywriting and editing

We pride ourselves on getting it right … the first time.

That’s why we’ll send you an outline of all long-form content (e.g. white papers and ebooks) before we write the first draft. This puts us in alignment early in the process, reduces revisions, and helps you hit your deadlines.

When it comes time to write, we will check the copy to ensure that we:

Clearly convey your message.

Match your brand’s voice and tone.
Answer any questions that readers may have about why a feature, benefit, or statement matters

Include proof points such as testimonials or supporting data.

Speak to your readers’ stage of the sales cycle.

Address potential reader objections to help minimize their risk.

Write a strong call to action that motivates readers to say “YES!”

Includes keywords that will help you improve your SEO.

After the copy is approved, we will send it to our proofreading team to ensure that it is flawless before publication.


Test for Success

We will work with you to create a plan for testing your copy’s success. For example, we can provide alternate headlines and calls to action for split testing. We can also run usability tests to see how users in your target audience react to the copy and design.

What it Costs

Our clients have vastly different websites in terms of the number of pages and complexity. For this reason, we don’t have standard packages and will customize our website copywriting services to meet your exact needs.

Our fees start at $7,997 USD for a 5- 7-page site.

The new website copy represents my IT managed services client in a more professional light. They are now getting invites to meetings, events, and projects that they weren’t when they had “gimmicky” copy on their old site. The new copy that Rachel provided has been very beneficial, as it builds confidence with both customers and partners.

Why Let Those Qualified Leads Escape?

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