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    Get a persuasive white paper that your customers actually want to read.

    1 %

    of B2B buyers have read a white paper this year.

    White Papers

    drive more leads and revenue than any other type of content.

    1 %

    of B2B marketers say that white papers drive leads.

    In the World of B2B Tech, the Vendor
    Who Provides the Best Content Wins.

    Your customers spend more time than ever weighing their options.

    Before they contact you, they will read your content to see how well you “get” them. 

    In fact, 49 percent of B2B buyers said that they rely more on content to research and make purchase decisions than they did just one year ago.

    What kind of information do they want?

    Why White Papers Are Important

    Why White Papers Fail

    A compelling, targeted white paper can help you attract leads and turn them into customers. 

    But many B2B marketers get white papers wrong.  

    They publish salesy, hype-heavy documents that bore prospects. 

    Or they throw together a listicle that doesn’t give tech buyers the in-depth information that they need to justify a purchase. 

    It’s not surprising that white papers have gotten a bad rep.

    But investing in white papers can pay off … if you get them right.

    What Makes a Good White Paper?

    Persuasive White Papers That Educate Prospects, Position You as the Leading Authority in Your Space, and Convert Leads into Customers

    At Fresh Perspective Copywriting, writing for B2B tech buyers is all that we do.

    We’ve written white papers and definitive guides that have helped brands such as Ricoh Canada, Freudenberg IT, and Syntax engage tech buyers and bring qualified leads into their pipeline.

    We’re also so well known for white paper writing that we’ve taught it for MarketingProfs.

    Our white paper writing services help you:

    Enhance your credibility with prospects.

    Attract more high-quality leads.

    Move these leads through your sales funnel – faster.

    Position your company as the thought leader in your space.

    Educate tech buyers about their challenges and show them exactly how you can help.

    Create valuable content while freeing up your internal marketing team to focus on the big picture.

    “I’d recommend Rachel to any B2B tech marketer who needs to produce strong long-form content, such as white papers or definitive guides. She meets the mark on the first draft and is one of my strongest copywriters in terms of writing, professionalism, meeting deadlines, and asking the right questions.”
    David Pereira
    President, GET LIFT Agency
    “The new white paper that Rachel wrote has allowed us to position ourselves as a thought leader within the mini-PC computing industry. As more people read the white paper, it will set us apart from our competitors, drive quality website traffic, and generate new business.”
    Kaitlin DeBarros
    Product Launch Manager, Simply NUC

    What You get

    A Powerful, Done-for-You White Paper That Fills Your Sales Funnel with Qualified Leads

    When we write your white paper, we’ll take care of all of the heavy lifting so that you don’t get bogged down with mundane marketing tasks. Here’s what we’ll take off your plate: 

    Step 1. Conduct a 45-minute strategy session with you.

    We’ll use this time to complete a creative brief and discuss how the white paper aligns with your marketing goals. By the end of this session, we’ll have a plan for crafting a white paper that helps you attract and nurture high-quality leads.

    Step 2. Interview your subject matter experts

    to gain insights that will add authority to your white paper.

    Step 3. Record and transcribe your SME interviews

    so that you can leverage their knowledge in future content.

    Step 4: Submit an outline of the white paper before we write the draft.

    We’ll send you a detailed outline to give you peace of mind that we’re headed in the right direction. Creating an outline dramatically reduces revisions and helps you meet your publishing deadlines.

    Step 5. Write the white paper.

    You’ll get a 2,000-to-2,500-word white paper that speaks to your audience’s top challenges and positions your product or service as the best solution. It typically takes us 5-7 business days to complete a draft of a white paper after the outline is approved.

    Step 6: Complete 2 rounds of edits.

    We’re known for getting our copy right the first time (saving you endless headaches). If you do have edits, we typically turn them around within 1 business day.

    STEP 7: Perform a final check for quality control.

    After your case study is complete, we’ll send it to our proofreading team. Two professional editors will review your story to ensure the copy is flawless. We offer 24- and 48-hour turnaround on proofreading.

    BONUS 1: A one-page summary

    that your sales team can use to quickly convey your white paper’s key messages to prospects.

    BONUS 2: Landing page copy

    that encourages leads to download your white paper.

    What It Costs

    Our White Paper Packages

    *Need a longer ebook or definitive guide? Contact us for custom pricing. 

    Need design along with your copy? Contact us for pricing.

    White Paper


    Attract and nurture high-quality leads with a persuasive white paper.


    White Paper


    Generate more leads with a persuasive white paper (and a landing page that drives opt-ins).


    Marketing Genius


    Drive the most value from your white paper with a complete package of lead-engagement content.


    How Much Revenue Can You Generate with A White Paper?

    “Since its launch, the ebook Rachel wrote for us has been helping us achieve our goals of driving registered referrals with our sales team and partners. To date, we’ve had thousands of downloads, some of which turned into leads and opportunities. We are also showing up on page 1 of Google for the keywords used in the ebook.”
    Matthew Royse
    Former Marketing Director, Forsythe Data Centers

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